Unique Wedding Rings for Brides and Grooms

Adorned with everything from black diamonds to delicate branches, these distinctive wedding bands will bring your new family tree to life.


Photograph by Francine Zaslow, Styling by Abby Bielagus/Ennis


Left branch, from top:

1. Royal Crown Collection “Gent’s” platinum-and-18-karat-yellow-gold ring with diamond, $4,450, Royal Jewelers

2. George Sawyer “Winter Wabi Sabi” 14-karat-palladium-gray-gold, 24-karat-yellow-gold, and fine-silver ring with 18-karat-yellow-gold liner, $4,790, Quadrum

3. Sam Woehrmann sterling silver and 18-karat-yellow-gold stacking rings, $2,240, Persona

4. “Adam Branch” 14-karat-yellow-gold ring, $920, Laura Preshong

5. Hoorsenbuhs “Quad-Link” sterling silver ring, $550, Adamas Fine Jewelry.


Right branch, from top:

1. “Marquise” 14-karat-white-gold ring with diamonds, $8,000, M. Flynn

2. Paul Morelli 18-karat-rose-gold ring with diamonds, $4,440, Quadrum

3. Todd Reed 18-karat-yellow-gold ring with diamonds and raw diamond cubes, $7,700, Quadrum

4. Royal Crown Collection 18-karat-rose-gold and 18-karat-white-gold stacking rings with diamonds, $2,345, Royal Jewelers

5. Hoorsenbuhs “Tri-Link” 18-karat-yellow-gold ring with diamonds, $2,500, Adamas Fine Jewelry

6. Schlumberger “Rope Three-Row X” 18-karat-white-gold ring with diamonds, $4,900, Tiffany & Co.

7. Gary Shteyman “Twisted Bezel” 14-karat-rose-gold ring with black diamonds, $2,000, Persona

8. Sophie Hughes “Three Layer Coil” 18-karat-gold ring with diamond, $4,870, Ore Jewelry

9. Gary Shteyman “Wave” 14-karat-oxidized-white-gold ring with black diamonds, $1,250, Persona.

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