Unique Wedding Rings for Brides and Grooms


Photograph by Francine Zaslow, Styling by Abby Bielagus/Ennis


Left branch, from top:

1. Royal Crown Collection “Gent’s” platinum-and-18-karat-yellow-gold ring with diamond, $4,450, Royal Jewelers

2. George Sawyer “Winter Wabi Sabi” 14-karat-palladium-gray-gold, 24-karat-yellow-gold, and fine-silver ring with 18-karat-yellow-gold liner, $4,790, Quadrum

3. Sam Woehrmann sterling silver and 18-karat-yellow-gold stacking rings, $2,240, Persona

4. “Adam Branch” 14-karat-yellow-gold ring, $920, Laura Preshong

5. Hoorsenbuhs “Quad-Link” sterling silver ring, $550, Adamas Fine Jewelry.


Right branch, from top:

1. “Marquise” 14-karat-white-gold ring with diamonds, $8,000, M. Flynn

2. Paul Morelli 18-karat-rose-gold ring with diamonds, $4,440, Quadrum

3. Todd Reed 18-karat-yellow-gold ring with diamonds and raw diamond cubes, $7,700, Quadrum

4. Royal Crown Collection 18-karat-rose-gold and 18-karat-white-gold stacking rings with diamonds, $2,345, Royal Jewelers

5. Hoorsenbuhs “Tri-Link” 18-karat-yellow-gold ring with diamonds, $2,500, Adamas Fine Jewelry

6. Schlumberger “Rope Three-Row X” 18-karat-white-gold ring with diamonds, $4,900, Tiffany & Co.

7. Gary Shteyman “Twisted Bezel” 14-karat-rose-gold ring with black diamonds, $2,000, Persona

8. Sophie Hughes “Three Layer Coil” 18-karat-gold ring with diamond, $4,870, Ore Jewelry

9. Gary Shteyman “Wave” 14-karat-oxidized-white-gold ring with black diamonds, $1,250, Persona.

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