The Trip Adviser: Stacy Evos of ‘A Girl’s Gotta Go’

Honeymoon hunting? Score the best deal—at the best destination—with help from Evos, who arranges romantic retreats at some of the world’s most luxurious locales.

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Photograph by Adam Detour

After the cake is cut and the bouquet is thrown, life’s next great adventure awaits: your honeymoon. But who has time to deal with booking flights, hotel rooms, and dinner reservations in the midst of all the prewedding chaos? Enter Stacy Evos, president and cofounder of A Girl’s Gotta Go. When Evos launched her Cambridge-based luxury travel agency in 2008, the major focus was on girls’ getaways—mother-daughter trips, bachelorette extravaganzas, milestone birthday bashes—hence the company’s name. But her team found their niche in the romance market after noticing a high demand for wedding-related retreats. “I love making sure a couple has the experience they envision,” Evos says. “It’s really about making people’s dreams come true.”

What are the advantages of using a travel agent versus going it alone?

With so many online booking sites, it can get extremely overwhelming trying to pull off a once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon on your own. That’s where we come in. We’ve been in the industry for years—not just selling travel but also traveling extensively throughout the world ourselves—and have cultivated many wonderful working and personal relationships with preferred partners who can add that “special something” to the experience. We often have access to exclusive promotions and amenities at the hotels and resorts that newlyweds may not receive when booking directly on their own. And we do all the research, so it saves time on the couple’s end—especially when they are so busy planning their wedding.

How do you guide brides and grooms through the process of planning their honeymoon?

We like to do a phone consultation and discuss what they are looking for in terms of destination, style, and activities. Do they want to go somewhere tropical and lay on the beach? Do they want to be able to explore? We send them information and guide them based on their preferences and their budget, then help with the full package: hotel accommodations, airfare, car rental, train tickets, and excursions.

What are the most popular destinations right now?

Tahiti, Greece, and the Greek islands are really hot this year. The Caribbean is always popular, especially for those who can’t take more than a week off. Costa Rica gives you that added adventure, which is nice for couples that want to combine relaxation and activity. And Italy is always in demand.

Are couples still hopping right on the plane after tying the knot?

It’s really a personal preference. Sometimes they want to get on the plane the next day. Other couples still have family in town and want to be around. I advise against leaving the day after the wedding when possible. It’s best to take a day or so off to regroup and relax. Sometimes waiting a few weeks could result in better weather or significant savings. If so, I talk it out with the couple so they know their options.

Is it ever a good idea to visit a destination in the off-season?

It can be. I have worked with couples that were getting married in the winter and wanted to travel somewhere warm, but the rates were highest in the winter. So they decided to postpone their honeymoon and went during an off-peak time. I also let couples know when it’s hurricane season. Many, many people still choose to travel during these times. I strongly recommend that if you do, you get some sort of travel insurance. The weather is the one thing that no one can control.

What if you can’t take an elaborate trip right after the wedding?

A short honeymoon will still give you a few days to celebrate. At a later date, you can go on a longer trip when the timing makes more sense for you, whether it’s when you have more time off from work, better pricing, or better weather.

So what are some good “mini-moon” locations close to home?

Nantucket is one of my favorites. It’s easy to get to, but far enough away to feel like you are on vacation. The island has great beaches, shopping, restaurants, and history. Even the off-season is a nice time to visit. The Berkshires are also popular. There are activities in the area during every season: skiing in the winter and concerts in the summer.

What are some of the most unique destinations you’ve booked?

The Maldives. It’s an exotic, once-in-a-lifetime destination. The water is gorgeous, the diving is great, and there are over-water villas. Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean, is another stunning tropical location. It’s great to combine with a stay in Cape Town.

Is there an ideal honeymoon length?

After planning a wedding, it takes a few days to unwind before you really start enjoying your time. A week is never usually enough. Ten days is a good medium—you’re recharged and ready to head back to the real world.



Less time in flight, more time in paradise. Stacy Evos picks five honeymoon havens that you can reach in five hours or less.

Montreal: The majority of the population speaks French—that in itself makes the city romantic! Stroll down cobblestone streets and visit museums and markets.

Bermuda: After just a two-hour flight, you can be in a tropical paradise. The weather is nice from mid-April through early October.

Denver: Vail, Breckenridge, and Telluride are wonderful honeymoon spots for ski and snowboard enthusiasts. I recommend flying into Denver and staying overnight in the lower altitude before taking the gorgeous drive to the ski resorts.

Riviera Maya: I was just there! The blue skies and turquoise water make it a great vacation spot. You can go on cultural trips to see ruins such as Chichén Itzá and Tulum.

Iceland: Iceland is a great destination for an active couple that loves the outdoors. The best time of year to view the Northern Lights is September through early April.

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