A Parting Shot from Johnny Lonborg and Vanessa Macedo’s Wedding at Fenway

The park is a big part of Lonborg's family's history.

Johnny Lonborg Vanessa Macedo Wedding Fenway Park

Photograph by Allegro Photography

Weddings are usually grownup affairs, but for Johnny Lonborg and Vanessa Macedo, tying the knot in August 2015 was a return to childhood. “I remember dressing up in my Little League outfit and heading to Fenway with Dad,” says Johnny, whose father is none other than former Red Sox pitcher Jim Lonborg, a.k.a. “Gentleman Jim.”

With well wishes splashed onto the park’s scoreboard, the couple snapped pictures with both sides of their family before dashing back to their reception at the House of Blues, the site of one of their early dates after a nearly two-decades-long friendship that started in the sixth grade. “Together we’re our childish, playful, foolish, and imaginative selves,” Vanessa says. “That, basically, is the major reason we love to be together.”

That youthful spirit was on full display during their photo session, when Vanessa and photographers David Lee and Jo Kaplan Lee had to pull Johnny away from a gleeful romp through Fenway’s outfield. “I was just a boy for a second or two,” Johnny says. “Fenway is a big part of my family’s history…and Vanessa’s always been a part of mine.”

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