Rules of Engagement

Number one: Pick a diamond ring as distinctive as the bride-to-be. Luckily, these days striking solitaires come in all shapes and sizes.

photograph by francine zaslow, styling by taylor greeley/ennis

From top:

Marquise Whitney Boin platinum ring with .52-carat diamond, $8,990, Royal Jewelers.

Princess Royal Collection 14-karat-white-gold ring with 1-carat diamond, starting at $9,500, Royal Jewelers.

Pear Sethi Couture 18-karat-pink-gold-and-pavé-diamond ring with .43-carat champagne diamond, $3,200, Quadrum.

Hexagon “Loie” 14-karat-yellow-gold ring with 1-carat diamond, $8,050, Laura Preshong.

Asscher Platinum-and-pavé-diamond ring with 2.59-carat diamond, $48,500, Adamas Fine Jewelry.

Baguette Henrich & Denzel platinum ring with .48-carat diamond, $6,900, Quadrum.

Yiqing Shao Yiqing Shao, Digital Editor at Boston Magazine