Five Tips for Planning a Stress-Free Wedding

Alice Fay, catering manager at Boston's Fairmont Copley Plaza, shares advice for hosting a carefree fete.

Alice Fay helps bride-to-be Christine Callahan with the finishing touches. Image courtesy of Heather Parker Photography.

Let’s face it: From setting your budget to serving the perfect cocktail, hosting the wedding of your dreams is no easy feat. Here, Alice Fay—the catering manager at Boston’s Fairmont Copley Plaza—shares five tried-and-true tips for starting off on the right Jimmy Choo-wearing foot.


“Everyone wants to offer an opinion and advice, but please remember to trust your planners: We really are experts when it comes to weddings and will guide you in the right direction. We even wear the hat of a mediator when needed to keep your stress level down.”


“Forego the trinkets as favors and put the extra money toward upgrading your bar, for example, or having filet mignon instead of chicken. Your guests won’t miss the favors and will tell everyone how fancy your bar and dinner were.”


“Make sure your bridal suite is like a sanctuary. Try to find a separate space to set up a hair-and-makeup station and keep your room free of hair-spray fumes and layers of powdery makeup.  Your “Getting Dressed” photos will be so much prettier without a messy background.”


“The more organized and timely you are, the less your wedding planner will need to reach out with questions on your big day. We love couples who show up with their items neatly packed with instructions and escort cards in alphabetical order!”


“Add as many personal touches as you can. There are endless ways to personalize your wedding, many of which cost little or nothing, such as a specialty cocktail. If the ingredients are already on the bar, make up something that your guests will know is ‘you.’ Serve your favorite spicy margarita or the Aperol spritzer you had the night you were engaged.  Want to spend a bit?  Make personalized cocktail napkins with some of your favorite quotes.”

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