A Rainy New Year’s Eve Wedding Celebration in Brookline

A parting shot from Megan Walsh and Jarrad Jordan's New Year's Eve nuptials at Alden Castle.

Photo by Erica Ferrone Photography

While others around the world were cheering the beginning of a new year, Megan Walsh and Jarrad Jordan were celebrating a different occasion—their wedding. “We figured if we were going to do a winter wedding, we might as well go all out on New Year’s Eve,” Megan says of their December 2018 nuptials. “We decided to do something different and make the end of the year that much more special.”

The couple, who’d met online five years earlier, tied the knot at the romantic Alden Castle, in Brookline. After photographer Erica Ferrone finished taking their formal portraits, Megan and Jarrad swapped their heels and oxfords for pairs of Converse sneakers—perfect for dancing and, as it turned out, an impromptu photo session in the rain. “We were on the dance floor when Erica came and said, ‘We need you,’” Megan says. Though it took a little convincing, the newlyweds joined Ferrone outside to snap a few photos just before the ball dropped. “[We got soaked], but at that point I was dancing so hard you couldn’t tell if it was sweat or the rain,” Megan says, laughing.

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