This New England Caterer Whipped Up the Ultimate Wedding Clambake

Hoping to treat loved ones to a classic New England feast? Take cues from caterer Ipswich Clambake, which whipped up this party-ready spread—and shared a few tips in the process.

From left to right: Local steamer clams with broth and butter; Boiled red bliss potatoes, tossed in butter infused with garlic and parsley; Local lobsters and steamed Marini Farm corn; New England clam chowder. / Photo by Emily Kan / Styling by Joy Howard / Select props provided by Grandview Prophouse; Floral props provided by Winston Flowers

Prep for Success

“There is often a misunderstanding that clambakes have to be messy meals, which are not suited for weddings. With the proper tools and planning, this is not the case,” says catering director Amanda Means, who suggests cracking lobsters in advance for guests, providing bowls for discarded shells, and having plenty of wet wipes on hand.

Consider the Guest List

Inviting meat-eaters with allergies or aversions to seafood? Make sure you’ve got yummy options for them, too. “Steak tips and grilled chicken are great additions to a clambake menu,” the pro suggests.

Keep It Fresh

Ipswich Clambake prepares its seafood on-site, but there are other ways to ensure a warm and tasty meal. “Many catering companies offer a drop-off option where all of the food is packaged and brought to the [venue] with the associated paper products,” Means says. “Insulated containers work well for keeping shellfish hot.”

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