Hairstylist Jana Rago on the Trendiest Wedding Looks

When it comes to creating memorable hairstyles, in-the-know brides turn to this Boston salon owner.

Photo by Valentina Pruneau

Tell us about what you do, Jana!

I’ve been a stylist in Boston for 25 years. I’ve been lucky to work with some incredible people both in Boston and elsewhere in the industry. I love being able to grow my business through different areas of the industry, photo shoots, editorial shoots, weddings, fashion shows, and our salon. We have a wonderful, loyal clientele, and I love that we’ve been able to grow here in Boston. Throughout my career, I have been honored to work with celebrities and celebrity stylists on fashion week shows such as Paris and New York Fashion Week, where I’m constantly keeping up with the trends for the upcoming seasons.

When did you open your own studio here?

I opened Jana Rago Studios in 2018, and I’m very excited to announce we’ll be moving to a bigger space on Newbury Street in the winter of 2023.

How many weddings does your salon do a year?

My staff and I handle around 25–30 weddings a year. We only open our books for weddings for a short period of time and must be mindful of how many we are taking on so that we can maintain a good balance with our usual clients as well.

What do you like about creating wedding hairstyles?

It’s nice to see brides feel their very best on their special day, and we get to be a part of that magic. It’s a personal experience you get to enjoy with them. It is a blend of what they want and our expertise to make sure they get the look they have been hoping for, but also what works best with their specific hair type.

How have wedding hairstyles changed in recent years? What styles aren’t brides asking for anymore?

Everyone was once putting their hair up, and it used to be all about up-dos, but now we’re seeing a more natural look with waves. Today’s brides want to look more like themselves versus a more staged look. Specifically, I’m seeing more requests for simple, loose curls, an overall natural yet elegant look. Even if a bride wants a bun, it’s a more toned-down, simple look rather than a perfect full bun.

Rago says that these three looks are now trending and will continue to be in style for a long time: “What matters most to us is that the bride feels like her best self on her special day.”

Photo by Mark Elzey

An always popular look is the low- to mid-bun. It’s a simple, classic, and sleek style that speaks to a modern bridal look. Brides are also doing a hard part, and it doesn’t matter if it’s on the side or in the middle. As long as it’s slicked back, it creates a tasteful look.

Photo by Mark Elzey

Another popular look right now is natural textured waves. For this style, I’m usually playing off the natural texture of the bride’s hair but taking it to the next level to create a wedding look. Brides typically want to tuck a few pieces back, so I’ll usually pull a few pieces out to loosely frame their face, but they can also easily be tucked back if they want.

Photo by Paper Antler

There are still some traditional bridal styles, and one that we tend to do often is a blend of two looks—a mix of modern and natural. We do a softer wave, pull the hair partially up, and add a bridal accessory. It’s styled but still creates a softness around the face.

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