Behind the Lens: Wedding Photographer Cheryl Richards

For decades, this local artist has captured couples throughout New England—and beyond—on their most memorable occasion.

Cheryl Richards

Cheryl Richards started her career as a wedding photographer more than 25 years ago. Based in the Back Bay and Newport, Rhode Island, she’s one of the most in-demand wedding photographers out there. Richards’s engaging, casual demeanor immediately puts her subjects at ease, and her photos reflect their authentic selves.

How do you describe your style of wedding photography?

I strive for romantic and documentary-style shots that are unobtrusive. I want couples to appear natural and comfortable.

What are some of the usual detail shots you normally take?

I try to capture every detail! Shoes, the wedding dress, the rings, the cake, the table settings, and the overall décor, I get it all.

Brides and grooms smile a lot for the camera on their wedding day. Do you have any tips for how to keep their smiles fresh and authentic?

I am usually able to make them giggle by asking them to whisper to one another. Something about that makes them let their guard down.

One of the most memorable weddings Richards has captured over the years. / Photo by Cheryl Richards

What is the best weather for outdoor wedding photos?

I like the conditions when it’s overcast. But sun, clouds, night, and rain can all be beautiful times to shoot. You just have to know how to work with the conditions you have.

What is it about wedding photography that you enjoy the most?

I love capturing memories of one of the most important days in a couple’s life. I find it special to be a part of a day that is so special to them. I enjoy being creative and spontaneous, and every wedding I shoot, no matter how many years go by, is different.

Photo by Cheryl Richards

What are some challenges you’ve had to deal with while shooting a wedding?

It can be challenging if the couple hires a team of videographers. It makes it harder to be unobtrusive if there are three to four people trying to get the same shot.

What is your standard procedure for processing the photos from a wedding?

I make sure the couple gets a sneak peek within one week of their wedding. The full online gallery is delivered in three months.

Photo by Cheryl Richards

First published in the print issue of Boston Weddings 2024.

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