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Blend Designs is a full service boutique interior design studio located in the South Shore of Massachusetts. The Blend Design style is integrating New England heritage with California cool. We work hand in hand with homeowners to gauge their wishes before designing each space according to their needs, reimagining living spaces to strike a balance between beautiful and functional, modern and classic, luxurious and relaxed, new and repurposed.

We collaborate closely with architects and contractors on the East Coast, a global team of craftspeople, and most importantly — homeowners — to create spaces that make them happy and work with their lifestyle. Blend Designs consists of two women, one born and raised in Southern California and the other from New England, together they create spaces that feel unique and marry unpretentious West Coast vibes with East Coast traditions.

What geographic areas do you serve?

Blend Designs services all areas in New England. We are located in the South Shore of Ma with an office in Southern California.