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Boston College High School


Climate change. AI. Racial and economic inequality. Today’s most pressing issues will shape the lives of countless future generations. But so too will young people have the chance to shape solutions to these problems and steer the course of history.

At Boston College High School, our young men are taught to make a difference from their very first day. BC High is a place where leadership, innovation, faith, interculturality, and justice aren’t just extraneous parts of the experience - they are thoughtfully woven into the curriculum and everyday life through our Centers for Human Excellence.

Our alumni have changed the world. And while we empower today’s students to strive for that same success, we are committed to providing our boys with the care and support that helps them grow into loving men determined to make the world a better place.

Register for Open House on November 5 at and learn more about our 160-year history of educating young men grades 7-12 in the Jesuit, Catholic tradition.


69 athletic teams

65 clubs & co-curriculars

29 AP courses & 37 honors courses

30K community service hours performed annually

Extensive travel & immersion opportunities to 12+ destinations across the world

12 Houses create a "community within a community" where all boys are known & cared for

5 Centers of Human Excellence focused on depth & transformative experiences