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Ali Sarraf, DMD

Eagle Endodontics



Dr. Ali Sarraf and his team work together to bring a decade of experience and advanced technology along with kindness and compassion to provide the highest quality of care..

Dr. Sarraf is one of Boston's Top Endodontists. A respected specialist, known in the Greater Boston area, he chose the beautiful town of Lexington to put down his professional roots.

A well-loved clinical instructor at Harvard School of Dental Medicine, Dr. Sarraf has been teaching students in the specialty of Endodontics for the past five years.

" I chose to teach as a way to return the gift that was bestowed upon me by the faculty during my residency. They gave so much of themselves and I feel it's important to give back. They say "When you teach, you also learn. "

Dr. Sarraf is known for being quick and efficient, completing most root canal procedures in one visit. Patients also appreciate his way of educating them on what will happen during the procedure and what the actual goal is from the root canal.

" Most of our patients are very nervous about getting a root canal. I find by creating a calm atmosphere and explaining to them what I'm doing and what they'll be feeling or hearing through each step of the procedure makes them much more relaxed. "

" In the end, the goal of root canal therapy is to create an environment in which the body heals itself. That is always my goal with every case! "


Top Dentist: 2018