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Salvatore Napoli, MD

Specialty: Neurology

Top Doctor2024


Primary Hospital: Neurology Center of New England


Neurology Center of New England is devoted to the diagnosis, care and management of patients with neurological diseases and syndromes. Their goal is to bring Boston Neurology Care to the community. They offer comprehensive neurological services, including the following centers: Multiple Sclerosis, Comprehensive Care, Headage Migraine, Epilepsy, Memory Disorder, Movement Disorder/Parkinson's, Neuromuscular, Spasticity, EMG/EEG Services, Pediatric Neurology and Speech Language Pathology, among others.

List the treatments and procedures you offer:

We offer comprehensive neurological services providing 'Boston care" to the local communities. We provide Multiple Sclerosis comprehensive care and have the following Specialty Centers; Headache Migraine, Epilepsy, Memory Disorder/Dementia, Movement Disorders/Parkinson's, Neuromuscular, Spasticity, Pediatric Neurology, Speech Language Pathology, Comprehensive Infusion Center; Neurology Clinical Research Program and EMG/EEG Services.

Awards or Certifications

Sylvia Lawry Multiple Sclerosis Fellowship

Board Certified in Neurology

Boston Magazine Top Doctor 2017 - 2023

National MS Society Centers of Excellence

Alzheimer's Network Collaborative Center

Special expertise

Multiple Sclerosis, Memory Disorders, Electromyography (EMG), Parkinson's Disease, Spasticity Management, Peripheral Neuropathy, Epilepsy, Telemedicine