Eric Randall

Eric Randall


Eric joined Boston's digital team in 2012 after getting his start in web journalism at The Atlantic Wire, a sister site to The Atlantic Magazine in Washington, D.C. He is a native of Hingham and a graduate of Yale University where he studied history, wrote for The Yale Daily News, and introduced west coast transplants to the wonders of Dunkin Donuts.

Eric Randall'S latest stories

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Throwback Thursday

On April 10, 1861, the governor signed a charter for a new institution: MIT.

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Boston has a horse in the race at this year's event.

Roxbury's Shabazz Napier Gives the NCAA a Problem

The UConn guard's comments on amateurism in the NCAA put a face to a long-standing debate.

Scott Brown Forgot Which Party He's In

Just kidding, but he did leave the box unchecked on a form. Freudian slip?