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Editor in Chief Chris Vogel
Design Director Benjamen Purvis
Executive Editor Brittany Jasnoff
Senior Digital Editor Lisa Weidenfeld
Senior Editor Catherine Elton
Managing Editor Angela Mats
Associate Managing Editor Alene Bouranova
Home & Weddings Editor in Chief Andrea Timpano
Food + Entertainment Editor Scott Kearnan
Deputy Food Editor Jacqueline Cain
Research + Arts Editor Matthew Reed Baker
Senior Staff Writer Spencer Buell
Staff Writer Sofia Rivera
Associate Research Editor Michaela Anne Quigley
Social Media Manager Amanda Lucidi
Copy Editor Steven Horne

Interim Photo Editor Mona Miri
Art Director, Special Projects Michele Snow
Interim Associate Art Director Kristen Goodfriend

Production/Premedia Director Deborah Cassell
Premedia Technology Supervisor Barbara J. Stone
Designer/Premedia Artist Leticia R. Albano
Premedia Artist Joshua Neal
Assistant Production Manager Lauren Molino

Chairman David H. Lipson Jr.
CEO Nick Fischer
Chief Content and Strategy Officer Chris Vogel
Chief Financial Officer Kathy O’Dea
Director of Operations Diane Schwartz

Publisher Lynne Montesanto
Associate Publisher Christina Miller
National Account Directors Nina Brogna, Emily Walk Geller
Senior Account Executive Danielle Duane
Account Executive Brittani Lombardi
Independent Account Executive Eric Benjamin

Director of Digital Production Tim Haas
Senior Digital Project Manager Ellen Wise
WordPress Developer Chris Court

Director, Consumer & Events Marketing Emily Knight
Director, Integrated & Sales Marketing  Jenn Stokes-Greene
Senior Manager, Integrated +Sales Marketing Denise Thrasher

Senior Account Manager Rachel Drezner
Account Manager Todd McNeel
Account Coordinators Sheila O’Brien

Editorial Director Anne Taulane
Managing Editor Kelsey Thomas
Creative Director Maria Lewis
Associate Art Directors
 Meredith Getzfread, Katie Narduzzo
Content Writer Landry Harlan
Editorial Assistant James Finley

Accounting Manager Alfonso Iannotta
Accounting Stacy Jarrett
Business Manager Alexandra Jennings
Accounts Receivable Specialist Danielle Nagelski
Director of Information Technology Daniel Shimberg
Human Resources Manager Alexandra Nodiff

Director of Audience Development Lori Birney
Audience Marketing Manager Paul Lopreiato
Circulation Manager John O’Brien
Consultant Twenty-First Digital

Mid Atlantic + Southeast
Robert H. Stites Company, 770-491-1419

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