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BEST Jukebox

2006 BEST Jukebox



In most bars, the jukebox is an afterthought: Someone installs random tracks, sticks it in the corner, and lets ‘Freebird’ drone on. But ZuZu’s bartender Jon Marko takes his jukebox seriously, filling the 100 slots with a personal collection of… read more»

1983 BEST Jukebox

Frogg Lane Bar & Grill


Up-to-date, with plenty of well-chosen oldies, too. read more»

1974 BEST Jukebox

Tops for Top 40, Daisy Buchanan’s


Tops for Top 40 is Daisy Buchanan’s (two selection for a quarter). The campiest juke box is at the Olde English Tudor Room in back of the Statler Office Building. There you can pick up on some Big Band ’40s… read more»