Best of Boston

BEST TV, reporter

1994 BEST TV, Reporter

Channel 4’s Joe Shortsleeve

Who can walk and talk through the blood on the street without making it sickening. read more»

1988 BEST TV, Reporter

Andy Hiller, Channel 4

Sure, he’s obnoxious. But old helmet-head is also combative, cunning, and creative. He’s got the Best high fastball in the business, and he has thrown it at plenty of politicians on the campaign trail this year. read more»

1987 BEST TV, Reporter

Jorge Quiroga, Channel 5

A fearless reporter. His special report on the contra supply line was right on the money. read more»

1986 BEST TV, Reporter

Martha Bradlee, Channel 5

Brainy, sophisticated, willing to ask tough questions. read more»

1985 BEST TV, Reporter

Janet Wu, Channel 5

Well prepared, and offers substance in her stand-ups. read more»

1984 BEST TV, Reporter

Andy Hiller, Channel 4

Okay, the last thing he needs is a pat on the back. But his surprise on-the-air quizzing of the U.S. Senate candidates belongs in a TV-news hall of fame. read more»

1983 BEST TV, Reporter

Andy Hiller, Channel 4

Old helmet head. Of course he’s obnoxious. That’s one of his endearing qualities. read more»