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BEST Greeting Cards

1992 BEST Greeting Cards

The Moon and Sizpence

Newton Upper Falls

This warrenlike shop has a wonderful collection of cards for all occasions plus earrings, gourmet goodies, and fun kid stuff. read more »

1987 BEST Greeting Cards



Original and creative—just keep the kiddies away from the back corner where they keep the X-rated stuff. read more »

1986 BEST Greeting Cards

Museum of Fine Arts


Original art, hand-pressed paper. When you care enough to really send the best. read more »

1984 BEST Greeting Cards



A wonderful selection of cards and other items displayed in a spacious, neatly laid-out room. read more »

1979 BEST Greeting Cards

Bassil & McNichols


“Glo-cows debating nuclear power” cards available at Bassil & McNichols, Quincy Market. Plain white cards cut in the silhouette of nuclear power plants, with two little pink glowing cows in the foreground. Comes with a map showing all U.S. nuke… read more »