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BEST Eyebrow Shaping

2017 BEST Eyebrow Shaping

Shalyn Gamba, Prettyology


Tweezing brows is a risky business. Pluck the wrong teeny-tiny hairs, and your entire visage suffers. Leaving the job in Shalyn Gamba’s steady hands, however, will ensure the perfect shape every time—flattering, natural, and tailor-made just for you. read more»

2016 BEST Eyebrow Shaping

Lauren Genatossio, Sarra


Lauren Genatossio is a brow architect. Those three hairs on top? They exist to keep the ones underneath in place. The stragglers on the end you so desperately wanted to tweeze this morning? Once they’re properly filled in (don’t worry,… read more»

2015 BEST Eyebrow Shaping

Lauren Genatossio, Sarra

South Boston

Lauren Genatossio knew exactly how to bring our brows to a fuller, more natural place, meticulously tweezing each individual hair to sculpt our arches to perfection. We left with homework (don’t tweeze anything, start brushing upward to train the hair… read more»

2014 BEST Eyebrow Shaping

Sunita Bhandari Bhusal, The Threading Spa, Chestnut Hill


Celebs know that great eyebrows can dramatically improve a face. Thanks to Bhusal, we’re well versed in this phenomenon as well. “Something’s different!” … “You look ­amazing” … and our personal favorite, “Your brows are killer right now,” were just… read more»

2013 BEST Eyebrow Shaping

Sadie Higgins, Sarra


There are plenty of beauty rituals that can survive a rushed appointment. Eyebrow shaping is not one of them. Sadie Higgins spends a full 45 minutes studying the shape of your face while tweezing (no wax) a natural arch precisely… read more»

2012 BEST Eyebrow Shaping

Mondi Hodgdon, Dani Wagener Beauty


A good brow-shaping can change your life. Really—every time we leave Mondi Hodgdon’s chair, the compliments start pouring in. Did we lose weight? Get a tan? Suddenly we have cheekbones, and our eyes pop without mascara. Hodgdon’s tools are tweezers… read more»

2011 BEST Eyebrow Shaping

Dana Chasen, Brad Duncan Skin Care


Chasen likes to compare eyebrow grooming to the art of bonsai, and her disciplined approach to creating perfect shapes is why skin-care pro Brad Duncan tapped this standout makeup artist and clinical aesthetician to join his staff last fall. After… read more»

2010 BEST Eyebrow Shaping



People don’t realize how important brows are to the face,’ says Lauren Genatossio, brow master at Sarra. So she meticulously tweezes them into well-shaped submission. (She never waxes—plucking is more precise, she says.) Genatossio also offers advice on keeping brows… read more»

2009 BEST Eyebrow Shaping

Lauren Genatossio


As she works, makeup artist Genatossio imparts lessons on all aspects of creating the perfect face. But to her, the eyebrows are unquestionably Beauty 101. During 30-minute shaping sessions, she talks through her “true brow” approach as she tweezes, with… read more»

2008 BEST Eyebrow Shaping

Cindy Jensen, Studio 9


Trained in the school of Michaud, Jensen calls on her years as a makeup artist to deliver brows that enhance the whole face. Plucking, not waxing, allows for maximum precision. read more»