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BEST Smoke Shop

2006 BEST Smoke Shop

Cigar Masters


You don’t go to Cigar Masters to smoke. You go to savor. Settle into a soft, cigar-brown (of course) leather couch and choose from roughly 200 cigars—from $3 to $30—kept in an oversized humidor. Along with complimentary hors d’oeuvres from… read more»

2005 BEST Smoke Shop

Cigar Masters Boston


Cigar Masters might seem like your average smoke shop. It’s not. Sure, it’s got the requisite walk-in humidor brimming with expensive stogies, but there’s also a low-lit bar and acres of leather couches. Smoking aficionados can even track their investments… read more»

2004 BEST Smoke Shop

L. J. Peretti Co.


This shockingly well-stocked tobacconist is less smoke shop than historic landmark. Family operated since 1870, it’s been at its Park Square location since 1938, when customers including Bing Crosby and Prime Minister Ramsey McDonald bought their tobacco here. The store… read more»

2003 BEST Smoke Shop

L. J. Peretti Company


The war against smokers has been waged with shock (by kicking them out of bars) and awe (by taxing tobacco to the moon). Beleaguered refugees take cover in Peretti’s, a family business for more than 130 years and a proud… read more»

2002 BEST Smoke Shop

Gloucester Street Cigar Company


A clear-cut winner here: The Gloucester Street Cigar Company outshines every other smoke shop in the city for cigars, pipes, and accessories. The cigar selection, especially, is easily the best in town; the help is friendly and knowledgeable; and the… read more»

2001 BEST Smoke Shop

Gloucester Street Cigar Company


For anything in the tobacco line—from Elie Bleu humidors from Paris and $1,200 Dunhill Millenium pipes down to a simple pack of Dunhill cigarettes of Schimmelpenninck cigarillos—the new place to go is the five-year-old Gloucester Street Cigar Company. The store… read more»

2001 BEST Smoke Shop, Alternative

Sugar Daddy’s Smoke Shop


Mention any substance other than tobacco in this cluttered Kenmore Square hole-in-the-wall and you’ll find yourself escorted to the sidewalk. The staff is just that dedicated to staying within the boundaries of the law. However, they’re equally dedicated to selling… read more»

1997 BEST Smoke Shop, Cigars

L.J. Peretti Co.


Like cigars, but can’t stand the sort of people who go to cigar bars? Take home a box from Peretti’s instead. These guys have been around since 1870, which practically makes them the Puritans’ tobacconists. read more»

1978 BEST Smoke Shop

Brookline News


Lovers of Lady Nicotine will lose their breath over Michael Wilner’s selection of English, Scandinavian, and Algerian pipes, his cigars (Royal Jamaica, H. Upmann, Te Amo), and his tobacco from all over the world. His draw over the other snuffmen… read more»

1975 BEST Smoke Shop

The L.J. Peretti Co.


If it smokes, they have it here. The variations on a blend are infinite, and the personnel are pleased to assist. read more»