Best of Boston

BEST Bartender

1984 BEST Bartender

Meredith, at 29 Newbury


Knows the trends and what makes a good martini. read more »

1983 BEST Bartender, Recycled

Chuck Monroe, Grill 23 & Bar

First he was at Front Street, then at Cybele. Now he’s here. He’ll probably wind up at the BRA next. read more »

1982 BEST Bartender

Joe Shea, at the Black Rose


Shea works the day shift during the week, and pours the best Guinness in town. Friendly, listens well. read more »

1982 BEST Bartender, Disco

Richard Boudreau, Metro


This club is crowded and dark, but Bootie remembers faces, names, and who likes to talk and who doesn’t. read more »

1981 BEST Bartender

Harmon Small, Circo & Sal’s


Small’s territory is a little alcove set off from the street by modern art and a huge mirror. If you need a cheering up, ask him about the good old days in Provincetown. read more »

1980 BEST Bartender

Jim Horgan, Front Street


After three years in a row, he retires the trophy. read more »

1979 BEST Bartender

Jim Horgan


Front Street’s bar (260 Berkeley St., Boston) is a quiet, secure haven, protected by Horgan. A five-year veteran of the bartending wars of Boston and Cape Cod, Horgan knows his regulars and what they drink, and he protects their privacy…. read more »

1978 BEST Bartender

Jimmy, around the corner

(He gives you every third drink free.) read more »