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BEST Hair Salon, North

2009 BEST Hair Salon, North



There’s something of an X-Men feel to the staff photo on Indra’s website, and it’s justified: The black-clad stylists lined up like superchic superheroes do, in fact, have serious hair powers. Their not-so-secret lair is a hip, Aveda-branded salon known… read more»

2008 BEST Hair Salon, North



The services brochure is more richly designed than most wedding invitations. The décor is a balance of industrial details, chocolate leather, and walls soaked in cool blue-green. Everything about this six-year-old salon, renovated and renamed last year, suggests a keen… read more»

2007 BEST Hair Salon, North

Indra Salon


Greeted by strains of club music and stylistas sporting wild chunks of hair color, the Indra newcomer may fear she’s crashing a too-hip party. But this decade-old Aveda salon is a pro at putting clients at ease, be it with… read more»

2006 BEST Hair Salon, North

Salon Marc Harris


Inside Marc Harris’s Andover outpost, thirteen skilled stylists give precise cuts, frizz-free blowouts, and subtle color jobs using the newest of products, including Harris’s own vaunted line and more Bumble and Bumble than we thought was legal outside city limits…. read more»

2005 BEST Hair Salon, North

Curio Salon

North Reading

Glitzy and ritzy salons can’t guarantee fabulous hair care. Sometimes the best service and sharpest styles come from unexpected gems like Curio. This North Reading spot gets our thumbs-up for offering the sought-after combination of a terrific haircut with seamless… read more»

2004 BEST Hair Salon, North

Interlocks Salon and Day Spa


There’s very little on the cutting edge of hairstyling that hasn’t made its way up north, thanks to Interlocks. This full-service salon and day spa may have a small-town feel, but it boasts a pool of stylists and colorists straight… read more»

2003 BEST Hair Salon, North

Interlocks Salon & Day Spa


These stylists just might be more obsessed with your hair than you are. Blowouts, cuts, color—you name it, they’ll do it, and do it well. The Interlocks team of 15 clip artists (some of them—gasp—Newbury Street defectors) is well schooled,… read more»

2002 BEST Hair Salon, North

Andrew Michaels Salon & Spa


Natural light pours through this flat-out gorgeous house of beauty, converted from an early 20th-century library into a world-class spa and salon. In the copper-beamed mezzanine color areas, Andrew Micahels and his staff expertly highlight, tint, and gloss, while in… read more»