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2013 BEST West Roxbury Restaurant

Rox Diner

Originally just a breakfast spot, Rox Diner is now offering three squares a day, largely prepared with locally sourced produce and all-natural meats. What to Order: The "Green Lantern" burger with avocado, pesto aioli, and smoked Gouda; crab cakes; sweet-potato-and-black-bean chili.

1881 Centre St. West Roxbury 617-327-1909

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  • bostonsherlock

    Apparently closed due to health code violations?

    • jake481

      I think they recently reopened.

      But i’ve tried to eat there several times and it’s been closed every time. This week I noticed it was finally open again and walked in, grabbed a menu and sat at the counter, only to be told they had “just shut down the grill”. I think that was my last attempt.