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BEST Diner

2013 BEST Diner
Photo by Jesse Burke

Galley Diner


Despite a brief brush with fame following a 2011 appearance on Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations, Southie’s tiny Galley Diner remains a charmingly low-key spot for a good meal any time of day. The corned-beef-hash-and-cheese omelet (the “Southie”) is a favorite,… read more »

2012 BEST Diner

Victoria’s Diner


For greasy-good grub at 2, 3—even 4—in the morning, head to Andrew Square and order the “Deconstructed” at Victoria’s: two eggs with two pancakes or French toast, plus bacon, ham, and sausage, all for less than $15. Just be sure… read more »

2011 BEST Diner

South Street Diner


From eggs, home fries, and pancakes to the turkey club piled with crispy bacon, the 24-hour South Street Diner nails the classics, then ups the ante with plates like chocolatey French toast and fried pickles (not together, thankfully). With Nitzer… read more »

2008 BEST Diner

Deluxe Town Diner


Fanatical loyalty to one’s local diner isn’t based on food alone: It’s the atmosphere, stupid. At the Deluxe, which cooks up solid fare with a twist (e.g., sweet-potato pancakes), we’re completely won over by the charming bedlam of the place,… read more »

2002 BEST Diner

The Rosebud Diner


This old-school diner a short stroll from Davis Square features solid renditions of the usual short-order, comfort-food staples—meatloaf burgers, club sandwiches, and the like—and a nicely stocked bar offering comforting beverages. The service, while not fancy, is friendly—so much so… read more »

2001 BEST Diner

Kelly’s Diner


There’s a difference between authentic and retro, and this no-nonsense Somerville treasure falls squarely in the former category. It has everything you come to a diner for—a 1953 Jerry O’Mahoney railway car with spacious booths and tabletop jukeboxes, serviceable food… read more »

2000 BEST Diner

Salem Diner


Escape the school groups screaming outside the Witch Museum and hit the Salem Diner, a former classic one-ended streamliner train car. With its quintessential counters and stools, The Salem starts the day at 5 a.m. with artery-clogging greasy spoon staples…. read more »

1999 BEST Diner

The Rosebud Diner


While the rest of Davis Square submits to a yuppified takeover (Coming Soon! Starbucks!), the Rosebud is one of the last holdouts of old-time Somerville. Okay, the bloody brawls are a thing of the past (that’s a good thing). But… read more »

1987 BEST Diner

Chet’s Diner


A hash-slinging, beer-drinking dining car that rocks till 2. read more »

1984 BEST Diner



Good home cooking with a Greek tailspin. read more »