Impulse Buys

Impulse Buy: Tote Bags

Cruise into fall with a new carryall crafted by one of these talented local makers.

Four Pairs of Stylish Jorts

Forget the skimpy cutoffs you wore on spring break. This season brings mature denim shorts in a variety of lengths and washes.

Impulse Buy: Four Cool Leather Jackets

Calling all rebels with a cause: Lightweight and embellished with surprising details, a reimagined leather jacket is the perfect addition to any spring wardrobe.

Impulse Buy: Lingerie Sets

Most mornings it’s hard enough to pull together an outfit for work, let alone worry about what’s beneath. But some days (and nights), the most important outfit is the one nobody can see.

Impulse Buy: Cuff Links

From diamond-encrusted skulls to vintage starbursts, these unique cuff links prove it’s all in the wrist.