The 50 Best Restaurants 2012: A Closer Look

For six of the restaurants on our 2012 list, we go a step further by showing you what makes them outstanding. Check out all of our 50 Best Restaurants 2012 coverage.

Kenmore Square

This brasserie simply excels at everything, from expert charcuterie to porky mac ’n’ cheese to, best of all, agenda-setting cocktails produced in astonishing consistency and volume.

closer look at eastern standard

By the Numbers


The number of cocktails (at least) that an Eastern Standard bartender will have shaken and stirred by the conclusion of a busy Friday-night shift.


The number of cocktails that a new bartender at ES will have memorized after two weeks of training.


The number, on average, of whiskey smashes, ES’s top-selling cocktail, sold on average per night.


The number of whiskey smashes that ES will have sold since opening in the next eight or so months.


The max amount of time in minutes, on average, it takes an ES bartender to produce an order of craft cocktails.


Number of minutes in prep drills performed by ES bartenders to test their skills.


* Eastern Standard: By the Numbers has expanded content for the web that did not appear in print. All information courtesy of Eastern Standard bar director Jackson Cannon.



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