Charles SteelFisher'S latest stories

The 2012 Electoral Strategy

Scott Brown figured out only part of this strategy, and, look, he won a seat in the U.S. Senate.

The Debt Ceiling in Emerald City

How out-of-touch Washington, D.C., politicians and lobbyists are only protecting their own piece of the pie.

Election Advertising on Overdrive

The upcoming election season may be the most intrusive and confusing yet.

Stumbling Over Weiner

Despite our knowledge in the Digital Age, we haven't come very far.

Obama Can't Be... Obama?

With his reelection campaign underway, don't expect the president to be shaking hands or kissing babies.

Scott “Glass Jaw” Brown

Senator Brown hasn't been taking the hits very well.

No Such Thing as a Free “Launch”

It's hardly a warm welcome for candidates Setti Warren and Alan Kahzei.

Herman Cain Wins. Mitt Romney Loses?

The result of Cain's win and Romney's absence at the FOXNews debate.

Early Campaigns Return Big Rewards

If you’re a Democrat and want to run for the US Senate against Scott Brown, what are you waiting for?