Michele McPhee'S latest stories

Inside the Mind of a Killer

On the night of the Boston Marathon attacks, Tamerlan Tsarnaev watched his handiwork on television—and laughed.

Into the Fire

One veteran Boston firefighter said the blaze that claimed the lives of two brave men was the worst he’d seen in 30 years. But will investigators bring charges?

McPhee: They Brought It on Themselves

When Local 718 leadership dug its heels in during contract negotiations for its firefighters, and union head Ed Kelly started taunting the mayor in the press, they essentially “kicked the bag,” police parlance for inviting a shitstorm, with their steadfast…

State Police Investigate Hingham Cop

State Police are reviewing 911 tapes made by the 17-year-old son of a veteran Hingham Police commander who accused his father of threatening him at gunpoint after an argument this month – a story we first reported here. Last night…

Hingham Cop Suspended, Investigated by DSS

A veteran Hingham Police Lieutenant has been suspended and is being investigated by the Department of Social Services after his 17-year-old son called 911 saying that his father pointed a loaded gun at him during an argument, Boston has learned….

Strange Days in Hub Politics

“All politics is local,” the late Speaker of the House Tip O’Neil famously declared, and that sentiment was certainly in play outside the funeral of Boston Fire Lt. Bob Kilduff Tuesday morning. Kilduff, a jake who served this city for…

Che Sosa Strikes Again

Remember Che Sosa — the rapist who stabbed his own attorney with a plastic prison shank last year, and then asked the 60-year-old lawyer if he was “still breathing” as the bleeding man crumpled to the floor? Well, he’s back….

Badge Heist at BPD

There are plenty of jokes among the Boston cops about dummies with badges. But today all the talk was about dummies without badges, after a Lexington man was busted for trying to sell two BPD shields lifted from mannequins set…

Details Emerge From the Death of Heath Ledger

“Who books a massage when he plans on killing himself?” a NYPD investigator asked me shortly after responding to a posh Broome Street loft where actor Heath Ledger was found dead just after 3:30 yesterday afternoon. The strapping Brokeback Mountain…

BFD to Snub Menino

A high-ranking former member of Mayor Thomas M. Menino’s cabinet—one-time acting Fire Commissioner and current Chief of Department Kevin MacCurtain—plans to snub tonight’s State of the City Address, a move that could lead Hizzoner to contemplate a “nation-wide search” for…