Best of Boston


2007 BEST Tea, House

Cha Fahn

Jamaica Plain

If the array of refined Asian-inspired nibbles doesn’t clue you in, the owners of this four-year-old restaurant will take pains to make clear that Cha Fahn is about much more than tea. But set aside the premium sake and the… read more »

2006 BEST Tea, Afternoon



For a modern Boston tea party, head to L’Espalier on a Saturday afternoon, when the Back Bay brownstone is filled with elegant ladies nibbling on pastries and canapés. We recommend Red Riding Hood’s Basket: savory tea sandwiches, melt-in-your-mouth scones with… read more »

2005 BEST Tea

Cha Fahn Tea

Jamaica Plain

The city’s recent tidal wave of boba teas, loose-leaf blends, and trendy teahouses has been difficult to wade through, but the calming sanctuary inside Jamaica Plain’s Cha Fahn feels like a stroll on a secluded beach. The teak-accented dining room… read more »

2002 BEST Tea



Given this town’s historically intense dedication to tea, you’d expect us to claim at least one intensely dedicated tea outpost. Well, we have two—each a Tealuxe branch. This subtly retro business can render a quick cup of takeout chai as… read more »

2001 BEST Tea

Tea-Tray in the Sky


Boston has long had a stormy relationship with tea, but this Alice in Wonderland-inspired joint puts all bad memories to rest with its 80-plus flavor selections. The menu offers authentic choices—black, green, white teas—and otherworldly flavors, including Russian Caravan and… read more »

1999 BEST Tea

Tea Tray in the Sky


This little cafe offers a welcome respite from Starbucks culture, offering everything from your standard Assam to more exotic blends, from scented and flavored teas to herbal infusions. For summer, try the iced ginger-and-lemongrass tea with one of Tea Tray’s… read more »

1998 BEST Tea, Afternoon

Bristol Lounge


Life should always pause around 4 p.m. so people can revive themselves with a cup of tea. Besides this genteel refreshment (or coffee, if you must), the Four Seasons Hotel serves the traditional three-tiered silver trays of dainty crustless-cucumber-and-smoked-salmon sandwiches,… read more »

1998 BEST Tea, House



Built for a rainy October day— or snowy February— or any day that needs a little sprucing. With Billie Holiday singing from the shadows and a cup of Rose Congou in hand, you belong to a more gracious decade. Traditionalists… read more »

1997 BEST Tea, House



A reinvention of the English tea salon, guaranteed to lure the true connoisseur. They offer almost 140 varieties, from the finest-grade Indian Darjeeling to Japanese green tea. The homemade pastries are also a treat: Lavender-scented shortbread goes with the English… read more »

1994 BEST Tea

Ace of Cups Teashop and Bakery

Brookline Village

A funky yet civilized place to sink into an overstuffed chair and enjoy a pot of tea and a light meal. Make reservations for the formal British-style afternoon tea, replete with scones, clotted cream, cakes, tarts, and finger sandwiches. read more »