Richard Chudy'S latest stories

Man Food: Commonwealth's Fried Chicken Sandwich

Once a week, Nookie Postal makes his decadent version of a deconstructed Buffalo wing.

Man Food: Trying the Prochetta at Pennypacker's

This slow-roasted, porky sandwich is love at first bite.

The Po' Boy Goes Vegan at Root

This version is stuffed with cauliflower that mimics a fried oyster.

Night Owl: The Mise Pizza at Ribelle

Taking a gamble on the mercy of the kitchen is mostly a mixed bag.

Man Food: Gene's Flatbread Cafe

This gem will make you re-think what you knew about Chinese noodles.

Man Food: The Fried Chicken Sandwich at Cutty's

You'll want to brave the line (and the elements) for this one.

Night Owl: Bronwyn

This late-night bar hits most of the right notes.

Man Food: Classic Mexican Sandwiches at Dorado

This version of the chorizo cemita is a straight-forward, fantastic sandwich.

Night Owl: City Baked

Freshly baked cookies delivered to your doorstep. You read that right.

Night Owl: MJ O'Connor's

Six-dollar plates to go with a few beers? Sure. True Irish pub? Probably not.