Found Art: Phillip Jones' Photographs of Boston

See the city in a whole new light.

How do you see Boston? For a brand new view, check out the black and white photographs of Phillip Jones which capture our city with a professional eye, but with the zeal of a tourist. Through more than 100 local images, some industrial, some architectural, Jones gives us a fresh way to look at the monuments and moments that make our town unique. Above: “Charles River” printed on archival paper 17.5″ x 17.5″ $1,100 (unframed).

Jones splits his time between Boston, Atlanta, and the dark room. “I like to photograph things that I have never seen before, that throw me off guard and make me ask questions,” he says. Above: “Back Bay Brownstones” printed on archival paper.

Trinity Church reflected off the Hancock Tower, the aptly named “Trinity Reflected.”

“Monument Square” features a view back to the city from Charlestown and the Zakim Bridge. Unframed prints can be purchased directly through his website, or framed at The Mercury Gallery in Rockport, MA.

Kara Butterfield Kara Butterfield, Editor-at-Large of Boston Home Magazine