Kara Butterfield

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Editors’ Picks: Baker’s Best

Whipping up treats for the holidays? Functional yet elegant, these kitchen essentials truly take the cake.

Home & Property

Editors’ Picks: Into the Clay

Stay warm this winter with furniture and décor in sun-kissed terra cotta.

Home & Property

Destination: Singapore

The Lion City beckons with lush greenery, contemporary design, and award-winning cuisine.

Home & Property

Editors’ Picks: Curve Appeal

Soft, rounded edges take shape in the season’s most inviting accent pieces.

Home & Property

Editors’ Picks: Sage Advice

Create a new kind of green space with these verdant accessories. 

Home & Property

Editors’ Picks: Warm Welcome

From locally made door knockers to shapely wood baskets, these elegant entryway accents make every homecoming a beautiful one. 

Home & Property

Editors’ Picks: Metal of Honor

The season’s shining star, brass adds luster to any living space. 


Boston Traveler: Rome, Italy

Come for the pasta, stay for the bellezza in Rome, Italy.

Editor’s Picks: Winter White

In the absence of color, beautiful form takes center stage.

Editor’s Picks: American Idyll

Handcrafted furnishings made in small workshops across the U.S. (some right here in Boston).

All Lined Up

Earn your design stripes with these exuberant accessories.

Editors’ Picks: Purple Haze

Spruce up a room with spring’s prettiest hue, and watch your home blossom.