So, You Want to Live in Scituate, Massachusetts?

The South Shore community may be a bit farther from the city than other spots, but its beaches, small-town feel, and relatively affordable real estate more than make up for it.

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1. Pick Your Price Point

With a population just below 20,000, most residents own their homes in Scituate. Unfortunately, the housing stock is very limited; while it’s very possible to find a freshly built two-bedroom condo for less than $700,000, a new four-bedroom house would fetch double that amount. However, older houses—some of them quite large—go for around $800,000.

2. Plot Your Commute

Scituate is roughly 30 miles from Boston along Route 3. Without traffic, the drive typically takes about 45 minutes, though during peak commuting times, it can be much longer. The town is served by two MBTA commuter-rail stations, North Scituate and Greenbush, both of which will get you into South Station in about an hour.

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3. Take in the Vibe

Scituate is comprised of four sections, all with a distinct feel. Most commerce takes place in North Scituate and Scituate Harbor Cultural District, which boasts eclectic dining options and artisan boutiques. Greenbush-Driftaway has seen a surge in development, while Humarock, a peninsula connected to the mainland via two bridges, feels shrouded in time.

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4. Check out the Culture

Halfway between Boston and Cape Cod, Scituate has 21 square miles of coastline, including five beaches, four rivers, and the expansive Scituate Harbor. Incorporated in 1636, the town is deeply entrenched in its maritime heritage. More than 1,000 ships were built on the North River and the harbor, the most famous being the Beaver, from which colonists tossed tea into Boston Harbor in opposition to the tea tax.

5. Scope out the Schools

Scituate serves just under 3,000 students, with four elementary schools, a middle school, and one high school. The majority of kids in town tend to stay in the public school system through high school. For parents looking for something different, the private Inly School builds upon Montessori principles to educate students from early childhood and pre-K through eighth grade.

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First published in the print edition of the April 2024 issue with the headline, “So You Want to Live in…Scituate.”

So, You Want to Live in…