So, You Want to Live in Wellesley?

Five things to know if you’re looking to make the move to this prominent suburb.

Photo by Stonepicker/A.Gumen/Flickr/Creative Commons

1. Pick Your Price Point

Forget trying to get a steal. With the typical single-family home going for about $1.8 million, Wellesley is the third-most-expensive community in Greater Boston when it comes to housing costs. But the market here is plentiful: Despite the competition to get in, you’ll find many elaborate Colonials and Capes on the market with tons of square footage.

2. Plot Your Commute

The Framingham/Worcester commuter- rail line chugs through Wellesley, stopping in three locations throughout the town. If you head into the city this way, you can be at South Station within 40 minutes, which translates to an easy commute for those who work in the Seaport or the Financial District. Meanwhile, a drive to downtown would be closer to an hour in traffic (but if you’re going on the weekend, you’ll enjoy a short 25-to-30-minute cruise in).

3. Take in the Vibe

From the Gothic Revival buildings on Wellesley College’s campus to the stone exterior and towers of Wellesley’s Town Hall, it sometimes feels like you’ve stepped into a Hallmark movie around here. But there’s certainly no shortage of modern amenities in the walkable downtown.

4. Check out the Culture

Residents get all the benefits of having three college campuses in town, including public offerings such as the Wellesley College Botanic Gardens. For further floral escapades, there’s the Massachusetts Horticultural Society’s Garden at Elm Bank. Prefer to indulge in some retail therapy? Take a spin by Linden Square, an upscale shopping center with stores and dining options.

5. Scope out the Schools

Beyond its higher education offerings, Wellesley is home to an esteemed public school system—its high school was ranked seventh on this magazine’s Top Schools list and is recognized for its green technology. Opened in 2012, it features a vegetated roof, geothermal heating and cooling, and rainwater recovery systems.

A version of this was first published in the print edition of the April 2023 issue with the headline “So You Want to Live In…Wellesley.”