City Journal: Welcome to the Neighborhood

The locals couldn’t be happier about accommodating the GOP gang next door.

Filippo Ristorante: Campaign vets who’ve been with Romney for years might remember the linguini—owner Filippo Frattaroli catered fundraisers for Mitt when he took on Ted Kennedy in the ’94 Senate race. Frattaroli’s remained a big fan. “I think he gonna bring a lotta business,” says Frattaroli, who emigrated from Italy in 1970 but still has a textbook Italian accent. “I hope someday he becomma president.”

Waterfront Café: Just down Commercial Street, this is the closest watering hole and a natural spot for a couple of cold pops. Owner Rocco Zagarella expects he’ll see plenty of soldiers from Romney’s conservative army bellying up to his bar. “I’m sure nine out of 10 will end up coming in one way or the other,” he says. And that 10th? Romney, a devout Mormon, abstains from alcohol. “I’d give him a free beer,” Zagarella says, “but would he accept it? No.”

Design of Boston Salon: “We do Republican hair,” says Marc Vos, who co-owns this salon across the street with his (uh-oh) boyfriend, Desi. Vos thinks the ex-governor’s trademark coif could be cut a tad shorter, but he’s a fan of Romney’s “neat and professional” look. “Even though he’s a staunch Republican who’s anti-gay,” Vos says, “I wouldn’t deny him a haircut.” How’s that for loving thy neighbor?