Under Armor

The Body Wrap Lites Control Shapewear

Squeezing into this is a challenge—a bit like pulling on a Saran Wrap mini. Once on, the Body Wrap tucks and smooths everything it should, and is completely seamless. Breathable segments cover the breasts and butt, and a rubberized top strip keeps the shaper from slipping. The garment is so snug, though, that it flattens larger breasts and, sadly, exacerbates pit pudge. It’s also tough to wear with underwear—and it takes a brave bride to go commando on her dance floor.

Best for: nonstrapless gowns; small-busted brides in very fitted dresses. $44, UnVeil, 264 Newbury St., Boston, 617-266-3378, unveiledbride.com.

Hide & Sleek Spanx Hi-Rise Panty

From the mother of all shapewear brands comes the tightest, whitest grannies on earth. Except we’re willing to bet Nana never wore these. The Hi-Rises feel like the bottom half of a leotard—snug, smooth, and (almost) seamless. Though it does nothing for thighs or chest, the garment works wonders on bulging tummies and muffin tops, and produces no static or bunching. A sticky grip secures the upper back, but after a few hours of wear, we notice the high-cut butt area has started to sag. (The stomach still feels tight and lean.)

Best for: mostly toned brides in slinky gowns. $42, Priscilla of Boston, 801 Boylston St., Boston, 617-267-9070, priscillaofboston.com.

Le Mystere Bridal Seduction Bustier

More contraption than barely-there underwear, the Le Mystere’s trappings are many. Namely: six lines of boning, underwire-enforced padded cups, removable bra and garter straps, ten rows of back hooks, and a rubber-like bust-line grip. Still, it’s about as sexy as shapers get; low armpit lines eliminate pit pudge and firm bra cups give the bosom a boost. The low back closures make it ideal for gowns with plunging backs. Finding matching undies could be challenging, though, and we can see the boning through our trial dress.

Best for: romantics; brides in thick, low-backed dresses. $125, Intimacy, Copley Place, Boston, 857-277-7887, myintimacy.com.

Higher Power Spanx High Waisted Power Panty

It’s a miracle! Ok, we exaggerate, but only slightly—these high-powered shapers come with a “double gusset” crotch. Translation: It has an under-there opening, which, as every bride who’s had to call for powder room aid knows, saves a lot of time. Structurally, the Spanx provide full, almost-to-the-knee leg coverage, as well as major butt and stomach harnessing. The stretchy shorts have no thigh bands (read: no leg bulges), but do have rather pronounced seams.

Best for: weak bladders; women who need thigh, butt, and stomach tightening under thick or textured dresses. $36, Saks Fifth Avenue, Prudential Center, Boston, 617-262-8500, saksfifthavenue.com.