Shapewear Secrets

The right undergarments can get you where God and boot camp can't. With a little guidance from the "fit experts" at Intimacy in Boston's Copley Place, we found pieces to tame the classic trouble spots.

WHAT YOU NEED A panty with built-in lift and padding
EXPERT’S PICK “Butt Booster” by Fullness, $36
Like a push-up bra for your behind, this comes with two foam inserts to give the derrière extra roundness and volume. “It’s basically J.Lo’s butt in underwear,” says Intimacy’s Natalie York.

THE PROBLEM AREA Lower-belly bulge
WHAT YOU NEED A tummy-smoother that covers the full length of your torso
EXPERT’S PICK “Merry Widow” by Le Mystère, $125
To avoid unwanted spillage above and below, pick a garment that smooths the entire abdomen. Le Mystère’s corset-inspired piece goes even further by incorporating an attached bra. “This way, you won’t have to spend the whole night pulling up your strapless,” says Cara Ruggiero of Intimacy.

THE PROBLEM AREA An unsupported bust
WHAT YOU NEED A structured bra that won’t show under your gown
EXPERT’S PICK “Tom” by Marie Jo, $99
This smooth, convertible bra will give you the hold you need without any telltale straps. Before you buy it, however, find time for a fitting to ensure you’re wearing the correct size, says Intimacy’s Jennifer O’Connell – and don’t remove the tags until you’ve tried it on with your wedding gown.