Locavore Liquors

Photo by Scott M. Lacey.

Photo by Scott M. Lacey.

In a boozy twist on the local food movement, Massachusetts-made spirits are popping up on drink menus and liquor-store shelves throughout the city. To see how they measure up, we assembled a selection of some of the latest and greatest. Here’s a peek at our tasting notes.

Turkey Shore Distilleries Old Ipswich Tavern-Style Rum

Made In: Ipswich
Tastes Like: Vanilla, cinnamon, and tobacco. Strangely whiskeylike, actually.
We’d Have It: Straight.
The Pro Cocktail: The North Shore Flip at Foundry on Elm, a foamy blend of egg whites, vermouth, lemon, and ginseng bitters.
$26, Kappy’s fine wine & spirits.

Privateer Silver Reserve Rum

Made In: Ipswich
Tastes Like: Someone mixed rum and sake — it’s sharp, but ever-so-floral and yeasty.
We’d Have It: In a potent, fruity punch.
The Pro Cocktail: The White Devil at Deep Ellum, where it’s mixed with Cocchi Americano, Dolin vermouth, Maraschino liqueur, and orange bitters.
$26, Gordon’s Fine Wines & Liquors.

Berkshire Mountain Distillers Berkshire Bourbon

Made In: Great Barrington
Tastes Like: A quintessential bourbon. Sweet, with cedar, spice, and maple notes.
We’d Have It: In a classic Manhattan or an Old Fashioned.
The Pro Cocktail: The Beekeepers Bourbon at Savin Bar + Kitchen, with thyme-infused honey and ginger ale.
$42, Bauer Wines and Spirits.

Triple Eight

Cranberry Vodka
Made In: Nantucket, using island-grown cranberries.
Tastes Like: Someone spiked a CapriSun.
We’d Have It: In a brunch beverage with citrus. A Cranberry Greyhound, perhaps?
The Pro Cocktail: Stella’s cranberry martini, with cranberry juice and lemon.
$26, Gordon’s Fine Wines & Liquors.

Bully Boy Vodka

Made In: Roxbury
Tastes Like: A classic vodka. A hint of grain, but clean and smooth.
We’d Have It: In an ice-cold martini with a twist.
The Pro Cocktail: The Beacon Hill, which also features Ardbeg whiskey and a blue-cheese-stuffed olive, at Newburyport’s Ceia.
$27.50, Brookline Liquor Mart.