Surgical procedures

Though injectables and facial treatments are quite popular throughout the city, they are not the only procedures that have a growing clientele. Doherty says two surgeries are also popular, and they are probably the two most common plastic surgeries people think of: breast enhancement and liposuction.

Breast enhancements in Boston, he says, are different from the typical Hollywood image of them. Doherty credits Boston women for staying with the trend of subtlety, and wanting the right size breasts they feel they should have. “Boston women don’t want breasts that enter the room before they do!”

Liposuction is popular with Boston residents because there is minimal to moderate downtime required to recover, he says. The results of the surgery are also usually quite inspiring because the patients tend to change their lifestyle post-operation. “[These patients] just needed to feel a little bit better about their bodies,” Doherty says. “People who feel better in their gym clothes tend to spend more time in them…making the lipo results even better.”


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