Who’s getting work done and why?

Almost everyone is getting some sort of “work done” these days. Der Sarkissian says the number of patients seeking enhancements is on a steady incline because everyone is looking to “put their best face forward.” The long answer is specific treatments are more popular within different age ranges than others. For example, preventative treatments like HydraFacials are becoming more prominent within younger girls, says Doran, but injectables like Botox, Der Sarkissian says, are often more popular with middle age to older women between their 30s and 60s, who are looking to slow down or reverse signs of aging, respectively, rather than preventing them.

So, why are so many people getting a jump on their ever-wanted makeovers? All of these less-invasive procedures now available look way more attractive to potential patients than going under the knife for something more serious. Plus, there is really amazing technology professionals use today, which allows for more precise performances and accurate applications.

Der Sarkissian also adds that the current rise in these types of cosmetic treatments is due to the state of mind people have largely embraced as of late: eating and living more healthfully. “With increasing emphasis on eating well, exercising, and being healthy in general,” he says, “most patients are looking to look as good as they feel.”

Furthermore, Doherty credits Boston for finally opening up and accepting the world of cosmetic augmentations, much more than it did years ago. Once a largely conservative city in regards to these kinds of treatments, Boston has changed with the times. “Boston is just starting to embrace cosmetic procedures…” he says. “Since the early 2000s, patient’s safety has been a priority, and plastic surgery has never been at a better place. There is great technology, and great surgical and non-surgical options. Patients can have aggressive and non-aggressive treatments. Boston is more accepting and open to cosmetic procedure now than it was, say, 10 years ago.”

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