About Best of Boston



Best of Boston is a cushy assignment, right? Actually, it’s quite demanding. Our staffers spend a year rigorously researching just about everything that Boston has to offer. We revisit the old standbys and scour the landscape for the most promising newcomers by consulting with friends, colleagues, and trusted insiders. The result is this expertly curated list of winners.



I’m a business owner. What kind of bribe will ensure a win?

Sorry, we’re incorruptible. There’s absolutely no favoritism.

Come on. I heard all your advertisers win. 

Businesses that advertise in the magazine are given no preference, and those that do not aren’t penalized in any way.

But the restaurants, spas, and stores know you’re coming in, so they go out of their way to spoil you, right?

We go completely incognito, and even use pseudonyms if there’s any chance we might be found out, to make sure we receive the same service as everyone else. We get no special treatment whatsoever.

Then how will I know if you tried my business?

You won’t—but chances are, we did. It’s our job to know this city inside and out. If you’re still not convinced, you can nominate yourself or any other business. Fill out the form at bostonmagazine.com/nominate.