Rachel Dratch, Horatio Sanz, and Maria Bamford to Headline Women in Comedy Festival

Get ready for four full days of laughter courtesy of comedians from around the country.

women in comedy festival

Maria Bamford, Rachel Dratch, and Horatio Sanz. (Photos via Women in Comedy Festival)

On Thursday, the Women in Comedy Festival returns to Boston for a weekend of bold, brave comedy, from local up-and-comers, to headliners Rachel Dratch and Horatio Sanz of Saturday Night Live fame and Maria Bamford of Comedians of Comedy and Adventure Time. Dozens of comics will be here from Thursday through Sunday performing at The Wilbur, Improv Asylum, The Comedy Studio, The Brattle, Charles Playhouse, Nick’s Comedy Stop, and more.

Rachel Dratch and Horatio Sanz from SNL will perform with the UCB Queens of Comedy at the Wilbur on Thursday. Dratch will also be part of a panel discussion on Saturday called “Geeking Out with…Rachel Dratch.” She’ll talk about her career, comedy philosophies, and her new book Girl Walks into a Bar. For our Best Places to Live cover story this month, Dratch shared with us why she loves her hometown of Lexington:

I drew all the Saturday Night Live Sully and Denise” sketches from real high school experiences I had growing up here: the house-party scene, hanging out drinking in the woods, the ski trips to Wachusett. I’ve since settled in New York City, but when I’m back visiting I feel like a dork because I love it so much.

Dratch will perform on Saturday night as well at Improv Asylum with Improv All Stars and Maria Bamford. Bamford has two solo shows at the Brattle on Friday.

None of the headlining shows should be missed, but perhaps the most fun part of the festival will be all of the stand-up, sketch, and improv showcases held throughout the four days of the festival starring both male and female comedians from Boston and all across the country. These showcases are affordably priced with up to 10 performers per show, giving you ample opportunity to discover at least one new favorite comic.

Check out the full Women in Comedy Festival schedule to show your support for this homegrown event (now in its fifth year) that is making a name for itself on the national scene.

—Additional reporting by Tom Lewis