Seth Meyers Completes the Boston Fans’ Late-Night Takeover

His debut solidified our city's hold on the New York-centric world of late night talk shows.

With Monday night’s debut of Late Night with Seth Meyers, Boston sports fans have completed their long-awaited infiltration of the  New York-centric world of late-night talk show hosting.

Meyers, a New Hampshire native and Red Sox fan, took over the Late Night hosting duties Monday night, thanks to the departure of Tonight Show host Jay Leno, an Andover native and Red Sox fan, who ceded his territory to former Late Night host Jimmy Fallon, who plays a rabid Red Sox fan on TV.

Got that? (Oh, and don’t forget about Conan.)

What’s more, Meyers stomped on the dreams of any New York fans who thought they might have a friendly face on his first show when he brought Boston enthusiast Amy Poehler in as his first guest.

“I am so excited to be your first guest because I think the first guest really sets the tone,” she told him. One hopes so. Their rapport, familiar after years together on Saturday Night Live, many of them spent co-anchoring the Weekend Update segment, was quite charming. We’re in the off-season here so they didn’t get into baseball, but theoretically she’ll be around come spring training. After all, she promised, “I am the first one here, but I am gonna be the last one to leave, so like 10 years later, you’ll find me under your desk.”

Broadening the geographic diversity of the famous people on screen slightly was Meyer’s second guest, Vice President Joe Biden, or, sorry “Gorgeous charm monster Joe Biden,” as Poehler refers to him. Biden soothed the (let’s be real, probably not very acute) anxieties of spurned New Yorkers by reminding them that “New York is probably the greatest city in the world.” But you can’t take him too seriously, because he was just trying to make up for calling La Guardia airport better suited to “a third world country.” Nice try, Biden, but you’re still getting randomly selected for strip searching next time you pass through there.