Josh Duhamel Is Playing Red Sox Legend Bill ‘Spaceman’ Lee in a Movie

Check out the first trailer for Spaceman.

A biopic on former Red Sox ace Bill “Spaceman” Lee is heading to theaters this summer and, judging by the first trailer, the film looks pretty insane.

The teaser for Spaceman, which hit the web on Tuesday, features Transformers star Josh Duhamel as the infamous pitcher, complete with the scraggly facial hair and propensity for drug use.

“I have always been in favor of drug testing in sports. Yeah, I like to test them all,” the actor says in the clip, an homage to one of Lee’s popular quotes.

According to the Boston Globe, the film was originally titled The Wrong Stuff and is based on Lee’s 1985 autobiography of the same name.

The movie, which also stars Ghostbusters alum Ernie Hudson, will chronicle the pitcher’s career following his departure from the Montreal Expos in 1982.

“The movie is a chapter of my life and it’s the worst chapter,” Lee told the Globe. “It’s a Greek tragedy.”

In addition to having a film made about him, Lee is looking to make a run in politics as he recently announced his campaign to be the governor of Vermont.

The self-describe socialist and Bernie Sanders fan told ESPN last month that he think he can will votes from both sides of the aisle, but isn’t sure if he can win over centrists.

“I got the left-wing vote and I got the right-wing vote,” Lee said. Now all I got to do is ascertain how I’m going to get the middle to like me.”

Spaceman hits theaters and on demand services on August 19.