Man in 1961 Wedding Photo Looks Exactly Like Matt Damon

It's eerie.

Matt Damon

Photo by Jordan Strauss / Invision / AP

Matt Damon may be one of the sexiest men alive, but apparently his square-jawed good looks are more common than you’d think.

The Internet can’t stop gushing over a 1960s photo that shows a man who looks exactly like the Boston-loving actor. Reddit user coffeeandtrout recently posted the incredible image, which features his Damon lookalike dad giving his mom a movie star-style smile during their wedding day in February 1961.

“I assure you he is not Jason Bourne,” the user wrote in a follow up post. “Still a hero to me.”

My parents Wedding day, February 1961. I think Dad looks like Matt Damon…… from OldSchoolCool

The photo is obviously proof that the Oscar-winning star is either a time traveler or an immortal. Take your pick.

All kidding aside, the Reddit user wrote in another comment that his father is still alive, however, his mother unfortunately died last year.

Other users were curious as to what his dad looks like today, which prompted one person to post a hilariously perfect .gif from a Saving Private Ryan scene.

Since Mark Wahlberg always seems to get mistaken for the actor, it sounds like there are more than one Damon doppelgangers out there.