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Sascha de Gersdorff

New York export Equinox invades the Boston fitness scene this month. We put it head-to-head with our city’s reigning gym, the swish Sports Club/LA.

Sweat Shops



Harvard’s Dr. Jerome Groopman and eight other local medical leaders take the pulse of Massachusetts’ healthcare system, reveal why you’re not getting the care you should, and offer prescriptions for taking charge of your treatment.

Here’s to your Health

A Nantucket native aims to be the new name in luxury American neckwear.

Lord of the Ties

A good mattress can make the difference between sweet dreams and serious nightmares. We stack Tempur-Pedic’s bestseller against newcomer Dux 8888.

Pillow Fight!

Copia’s “Mediterranean steakhouse” concept falls flat.

Tedium Rare

Mela brings new heat to the South End.

Our Delhi Bread

With four collections already under his (brand-new Marc Jacobs!) belt, 21-year-old Sam Mendoza is quickly stitching his way to the top.

Sew Cool

Spend a day browsing and relaxing in the newest stores and spas along Boston’s favorite retail street.

Shopping Around Newbury St.

Our dream getaway for February.

Get There: Lake Placid

One of these is an authentic Louis Vuitton Speedy; the other, an imposter we picked up for 45 bucks in Chinatown. Can you tell the difference?

The Breakdown: Spotting a Counterfeit Bag

New vintage home boutiques and first-rate dining spots meet school kids and soccer moms in the quiet Cambridge enclave of Huron Village

Village People

The new ICA is a masterpiece of glass, steel, and sweeping views. Oh, and there’s art here, too.

Exhibiting Flair

Spring weather is 18 long weeks away. You could hibernate and wait. or, you can flee the freeze by using our go-to guide to the coolest cities, hottest hideaways, must-see metropolises, and biggest vertical thrills. The choice is yours.

With big ideas but little money, architect Stephen Chung and his wife, Emma, set out to create a home. They traded costly construction crews and pricey materials for a do-it-yourself experience with affordable elements. And they proved it's possib