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1996 Best Classes, Sailing Lessons

Community Boating

Let’s face it: Sooner or later someone’s going to invite you to go sailing, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re going to get clocked in the head with the boom. To avoid humiliation and possible injury, sign up for bargain-basement sailing lessons at this nonprofit boathouse just across from the Charles-MGH T-stop. With your $195 membership, you get an unlimited number of lessons—and as soon as you pass the rigging test, learn the meaning of “luffing” and “halyward” at Shore School, and take a quick quiz, you can sail the Charles with anyone who’ll take you. Community Boating also offers kayak and windsurfing lessons. The deal is unbeatable if you don’t mind hanging out with the eccentric and sometimes testy volunteer staff.

21 Embankment Road, Boston, 617-523-1038,