Best of Boston

2002 Best Pizza, Designer

Café Louis

This pizza is not unlike many of the customers of the female persuasion who dine in the café at Louis Boston itself: high-maintenance, but, frankly, divine. To put a finer point on it, there’s only a small handful of predetermined choices, they’re expensive, and they don’t reheat well. But after one bite of the fresh, free-form pies, you’ll understand why we’re hooked. The grilled calamari pizza is the standout, with its spicy sauce and tender rings of battered squid. But the arugula pizza, with its rich crust, tangy cheese, and peppery greens, will have you looking at salad in a whole new light. Being high-maintenance has its privileges. What else do you expect from Louis Boston?

234 Berkeley St., Boston, 617-266-4680,