Best of Boston

2002 Best Thai Restaurant


The city’s most delicious proof that life exists beyond pad Thai is found within these neon-lit walls. Authentic and exceptionally fresh dishes dominate chef-owner Tony Suktheva’s Thai menu (ask for it specifically, or odds are you’ll be handed the Americanized version), and they’ve earned him a rabid following. It’s well-deserved. Straight-from-Bangkok dishes like kai jeaw moo-sub (omelet with shrimp and chili) and larb gai (super-spicy minced chicken) sing with the region’s sharp flavors: lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, galangal, and chile. The red curry is smooth, sweet, and teeming with gorgeous veggies. Oh, and for the record: There is pad Thai, and it’s superb.

63 Stuart St., Boston, 617-338-5600,